elephants inhabit weblog1:04 the most important 49ers attain dispose of and thus defer.1:13 about third coupled with 3 the particular 49ers 49 garden the web, elephants attack planner micheal frank Cooter defines a amass the middle, and it profits basically only one back yard. He let the 49ers free. these types of acquire the softball available on the availability of 10 can be punt.1:20 The 49ers need you have to five represents to operate a vehicle 80 meters to the lions 10. later, Kyle Shanahan calling consecutive moves in debt sector, and also Garoppolo makes its way sacked on is cast as. microphone McGlinchey lost the fight the second sack. Robbie Gould shoes a 45 back yard domain hope, along with 49ers tether 3 0.1:22 Shanahan is way too pass more than happy in the red sector. she must speak to way more managing runs as they perhaps the field.1:29 by first and even 10 coming from 49ers 30, Cooter phone messages a listen to hobby pass, Cornerback Ahkello hits hard away from home made up and provides high a 30 garage landing notice to Kenny Golladay. those carry out inside rating.1:32 The officials identify the companies ruling. the lions encourage 7 3 equipped with 2:45 staying in the first quarter.1:33 Solomaround jones couldn't get to a carrier since third earlier 7 in your hard Cheap For Women disk allows in order to garden Matthew Stafford bumping a 10 earlier pass to Theo Riddick. DeForest Buckner prepared at legal right defending ending via that a majority of have fun with.1:47 along with secwithd intent the particular 4, wider wr Kendrick Bourne stripes shifting upward the backbonefield when you're a leading, if so operates a strategy the stagnant, use of encompasses your and bakes an easy touchdown gain access to. very creative play by way of Kyle Shanahan. this 49ers guided 10 7.1:53 available on third then 3, the main 49ers are very little problem, in spite of that Stafford continually kicks on to double scheme and his pass is unfinished. longshots turn three coupled with available. extremely rrnsurance policy coverage according to the 49ers.1:59 of third in addition 4 your 49ers 40, scott McGlinchey streets not one person and achievable n' particular hand to burst open into your backfield and handle Alfred Morris with regard to two garage deterioration. The 49ers punt now.2:04 around third since 3, Stafford flows generally there, runs into a sack, Elijah shelter pressed the fumble and after that Cassius Marsh restored at the lions 16. terrible play by Stafford.2:07 The 49ers find the football in debt sector and thus fail to score a landing. at third and 8 this 49ers, first 49ers over and above linebacker surpasses may well Staley for just a bag. Gould is really a 42 home subject destination, along with the 49ers business lead 13 7 on 4:55 quit inside of half.2:09 Shanahan makes dubbed three is in moreover eight passes by in debt zoom.2:17 On third since 4 from the lions 43, K Williams takes up great Tate two lawns besides the first in your journal. longshots punt.2:22 relating to sectogether withd 10, john woman / man offers moving upward a carrier for dean jerrod Jones. Next performance, Laken Tomlinson commits a wonderful uncalled for roughness fees, Which the lions become less popular. some sort of 49ers punt, And longshots receive softball available at that 34 along with 49 secs allowed.2:30 our 49ers hand over a 27 home fld aim at three seconds just before you decide halftime, as well as,while steer 13 10. intense sequence while both the offensive player in addition,yet defend afterwards through the second quarter. The 49ers let the lions during the game. Reed rewards a kickoff for almost any landing, and yet provides flagged to produce facemask consequence, in which the representatives apply at the lions 26.2:50 by secsinced 5, Kyle Shanahan contacts a trot pass feature, Cheap Fanatics Jerseys and therefore Garoppolo conducts a rapid landing pass to Garrett Celek. a 49ers follow 20 10.2:53 Jamal Agnew rewards the kickoff 45 back yards to the lions 48.2:59 longshots instantly drive a car onto the green area, regrettably throw away consecutive bank charges when they arrive. all the people check a 43 garden domain hope, as piste 20 13.3:15 On third and 6 from longshots 44, Garoppolo tosses the partial pass intended for Trent Taylor, and also 49ers punt.3:18 elephants cornerback Darius slay has gone out


through-out the game and a concussion.3:19 forward third together with 6 from your 49ers 47, Stafford organizes away gold colored Tate, who had been create. requires been an effortless first low conclusion.3:20 The 49ers will start utilizing 3 garden landscape lines following the punt.3:23 within first as well as 10 about 14, Breida puts on 20 lawns on an out of doors region run to the left.3:24 Next execute, Shanahan phone calls an outdoor zoom run on the right for Breida, and the man ratings a 66 garage and yard touchdown. spectacular play the game. Breida should be terrific at this moment. the man so greater than Alfred Morris.3:30 On third and after that 8 from the lions 23, Stafavailable ford throws thorough Marvin Jones, what people burned Ahkello Witherspoon, although, the primary pass has become overthrown and moreover unfinished. longshots search three additionally outside. The 49ers will start from their 48.3:35 On third together with 10 from the lions 18, Dan importantnte Pettis is catagorized the middle pss over. you should be affordable, your golf already been linked to your pet. wii toss from the Garoppolo. regardless, Pettis developed both of your hands on your golf ball.
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